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Why do we see a lot of calls for module named CASUSIDL in APCDOC?


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APCDOC Automated Job Documentation


We are tracking the usage of APCDOC and the only module being used is CASUSIDL.
WHat is the module used for?


z/OS  any level


The CASUSIDL is the module that APCDOC checks to produce the release and genlevel information. The module is utilized for all the APCDOC calls. However, if you are not directly utilizing APCDOC BUT, you have CA JCLCHECK then the following rule applies.

JCLCheck detects APCDOC in the linklist, it activates a different option table which makes the APCDOC options valid.  If you remove APCDOC from the linklist (which is what you 
may do), it will not affect JCLCheck's functionality. 

This is why CASUSIDL is being called and you may see some activity.