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UIM CABI Summary dashboard does not work in Chrome


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The CABI Summary dashboard works fine in IE but not chrome.

"No dashboard found with path: /public/ca/uim/dashboards/common/uim_summary
Click Edit Dashboard button to create dashboard or click Options -> Preferences to update path"

Accessing the dashboard via a different browser (Internet Explorer) works as expected. 

The customer tried several workarounds via the following articles:

but to no avail.

After enabling Developer Tools via F12 in the browser, it showed an error:

17:13:49.573 [bi/dashboard/Dashboard] [visualize.js:2] [ERROR] - authentication.error : Authentication errorvisualize.js:2 17:13:49.573 [bi/dashboard/Dashboard] [visualize.js:2] [ERROR] - authentication.error : Authentication error
e.write @ visualize.js:2
_appendLogItem @ visualize.js:2
_processLogItem @ visualize.js:2
t @ visualize.js:1
n._prepareLogItem @ visualize.js:2
(anonymous) @ visualize.js:2
(anonymous) @ visualize.js:35
h @ visualize.js:4
fireWith @ visualize.js:4
o.<computed> @ visualize.js:4
h @ visualize.js:4
fireWith @ visualize.js:4
o.<computed> @ visualize.js:4
h @ visualize.js:4
fireWith @ visualize.js:4
o.<computed> @ visualize.js:4
(anonymous) @ visualize.js:7
incoming @ visualize.js:3
i @ visualize.js:3
index.jsp?sid=4352797a4b674a49576d426b4d653944723247466f3969676a4d4938463232696e456f43496f6e467075733d&pid=_cabi_WAR_cabi_INSTANCE_8X1OoHvfWioJ_& constructor {xmlHttpRequest: {…}, errorCode: "authentication.error", message: "Authentication error", parameters: undefined}


- changes in Chrome version


- UIM v9.20+
- cabi v4.10+
- Chrome browser: Version 80.0.3987.122 (Official Build) (64-bit)
- This may occur with Chrome browser version 78 or higher


1. In your browser session, navigate to chrome://flags

2. Set "SameSite by default cookies" from 'Default' to 'Disabled'

3. Then relaunch your Chrome browser.

Additional Information

New cross-site cookie not 'SameSite' warning in Chrome #561

A possible result of this issue may also be seen in the Operator Console portlet as DATA  ACCESS Error.