Abend S0C4-04 in CASRVASI+x'B4' at startup of CAVARSRV


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The startup of the CA Common Variable Service (CAVARSRV) fails with a S0C4-04 abend in module CASRVASI+x'B4'. The required PPT definition for PGMNAME(CAVDMAIN) has been defined to SCHEDxx and the START for component CAVARSRV has been defined to CAIMST20 as documented in the CA Common Services for z/OS documentation.


The CA Common Variable Service address space (CAVARSRV) requires that the CA Common Address Space Shell to be setup. All that is required is to update the program properties table (PPT) as described in the CA Common Services for z/OS documentation and be sure PTF RO58026 is installed.


Release: CA90SV00200-14.1-Common Services-for z/OS


Define a program properties table entry for each of the CA Common Services that apply to your site. These entries reside in the SCHEDxx member of the logical PARMLIB concatenation. You can apply this update dynamically with an operator SET SCH=(xx,yy,zz,L) command, which does not require a z/OS IPL to implement the change.

Place the following PPT statements that apply in your SCHEDxx PARMLIB member:

  • CA Common Service Address Space shell PPT entry:
PPT PGMNAME(CASRVASI)  /* CA-SERV Address Space Control Program */
KEY(4)                 /* EXECUTION KEY */
NOSWAP                 /* NON-SWAPPABLE */
PRIV                   /* PRIVILEGED */
SYST                   /* SYSTEM TASK */
LPREF                  /* Long-term PGFIX in non-reconfig stg */
NOPREF                 /* Short-term PGFIX in reconfig stg */

  • CA Common Variable Service PPT entry:
KEY(4)                /* EXECUTION KEY */


Additional Information

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