Process Automation database password reset
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Process Automation database password reset


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Due to the database password expiring or otherwise being locked out, CA Process Automation (PAM) cannot log in. How is this updated to reflect a reset?


Release : 17.2

Component : Process Automation


There are three lines in the PAM\server\c2o\.config\ for the passwords, one for each of the runtime, library and reporting databases. Each of these need to be updated:

oasis.database.password - for the library database
oasis.reporting.database.password - for the reporting database
oasis.runtime.database.password - for the runtime database

These passwords are stored in an encrypted form - you should first provide the password to PAM\server\c2o\PasswordEncryption.bat to generate the encrypted form for the file. To execute this you will need the %JAVA_HOME% environment variable to be correctly defined.