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LogRotate Issue


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We're running a Web Agent and when we run Rotatelogs plugin on the

Apache server :

  rotatelogs - Piped logging program to rotate Apache logs

If the Rotatelogs cannot roll the Web Agent log file, then the file
reached a huge size which fulled the disk space and the Web Agent
cannot process transaction any more.

How can we fix this ?


Web Agent 12.52SP1CR09 on Apache on Linux


The integration of Rotatelogs plugin with the Web Agent is out of

support. You should consult the Apache community to fix this.

Web Agent has its own log rotation features :

Error Logs and Trace Logs


The only issue documented about this feature is that if you configure
the Web Agent ACO parameters to rotate the logs, and if there's a
permission owner mismatch on the files and Web Agent process owner,
you can experience problem as described in this KD :

  Web Agent logs are not rotating and stop logging.