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Issue after migrating CA IDM 14.3 cp1 from jboss 6.4 to jboss 7.2


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After migrating  CA IDM 14.3 CP01 from jboss 6.4 to jboss 7.2. When  trying  to start the server, getting too many files error. As per CA docs ulimit values should be set to 50000 but still same errors



Performance Tuning for JBoss or Wildfly


On all JBoss or WildFly servers, set the Open Files (ulimit –n) to at least 50000 for the user that runs the JBoss or WildFly process.

Tried with 80000 still facing same issue intermittently.
Verified by setting to Ulimit 132K, its working without errors.


Have a look at the below files on your Linux servers:

If you don't see these properties, you can add them to the files.

Contact your Linux administrator for further assistance.

1. In /etc/security/limits.conf file add

<username> hard nofile <limitvalue>

<username> soft nofile <limitvalue>
  where <username>is the user (login user for JBoss or Wildfly)


2. In /etc/sysctl.conf file add

fs.file-max = 132000


These settings will require an OS restart in order to take effect.