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CA Database Management for DB2 for z/OS : About the Post-installation processes after fallback of the DB2. (V12.1 to V11.1)


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It is known that the "Upgrade to New DB2 Releases, Modes, and Function Levels" in the Installation Guide should be seen for upgrade of DB2 releases, Modes, and Function Levels.

In the customer site, the Post-Install Tasks were not performed at all after the fallback from V12.1 to V11.1. And the DB2 V11.1 after the fallback was able to run without problem. (The SETUP00 was changed after the fallback.)
Doesn't the Post-Install Tasks need to be performed after the fallback to V11 from V12?


Release : 20.0

Component : DB2 Common Components


If you work with a SETUPxx for DB2 11, the Post-Install Tasks can be omitted after fallback.
Plans do not need to be updated as you will work with same SQL features for DB2 12 FL100 and DB2 11 NFM.
DB2 objects in the PTDB database are designed to work correctly after any fallback (CA DB2 Producst or DB 2 Version). So it is not necessary to run any compare.