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Error choosing: Please select the Installation Type for this Performance Center installation


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


While installing CAPC, we get to the option to select installation type and it will not accept keyboard input


Choose Installation Type


Please select the Installation Type for this Performance Center installation:

1 - Complete (Single Node) Installation

2 - Advanced Installation

Installation Type (Default: 1):


<hit enter or type 1 and hit enter>

Invalid Selection


Invalid selection - enter the single number corresponding to the desired selection.



All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases r21.2.11 and earlier.




Has the property of noexec then it will cause this specific failure.


Check the /tmp properties using

mount | grep tmp

If noexec is seen, you can do either:

  1. Edit fstab to remove the noexec
  2. Use IATEMPDIR variable to point to a new location for /tmp

IATEMPDIR=/opt/tmp ./CAPerfCenterSetup.bin


Additional Information

  • Additional KB article referencing similar issues and solutions.
  • As of the 21.2.12 release the NetOps Portal installer will determine and report to the user if tmp is found with noexec configured.
    • The Fixed Issues documentation topic contains the following referencing the fix.
      • Symptom: When the installer runs, it requires execute/write permissions to the system temp directory. If that fails, then the installer fails to do any task that requires creating a script to run some commands.
      • Resolution: With this fix, the installers now check that the system temp directory is writable and executable and exit the install immediately before anything else happens. Use the IATEMPDIR variable to define a new system temp directory, with exec/write permissions, for installers to create scripts to run commands needed by installer.
      • (21.2.12, DE533155)