Spectrum NCM Self Certification and Cisco WLC devices
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Spectrum NCM Self Certification and Cisco WLC devices


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CA Spectrum CA eHealth


I created a custom family for Cisco WLCs but the config only contains: "User."


Release : 10.4

Component : ACTIVATOR VM


Cisco known bug for WLCs

Description (partial)
Wireless LAN controller SSH login from a terminal session application does NOT directly put the user into the device user CLI but ends up at User: prompt requiring re-entry of credentials.
Also, intermittently, an SSH attempt to the WLC is closed with the message "Sorry, telnet is not allowed on this port".

If leveraging any kind of automation tools built for Cisco products either for data colection or root cause analysis, additional tweaking becomes necessary just for WLC.


Self certified devices will not be able to use ssh command functionality due to the dual credential requirement of WLC devices.
This bug will need to be resolved by Cisco.  Customers can write a custom script to work around it or modify the perl scripts that come with Spectrum.