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How to create a Collection group in Performance Management


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Having difficulty finding where/how to create a Custom Collection in Performance Management (PM).  I would like to report on select metrics against specific switches.  I have the Monitoring profile created, but would like to link only to a collection that contains the targeted switches, not all switches.
What are the steps to create a custom collection?


All supported Performance Management releases


To create a custom Collection group follow these steps.
  1. Log in to the PM web UI.
  2. Go to Administration->Group Settings->Groups to display the Manage Groups page.
  3. Select the Collections folder.
  4. Select the Add Group button.
  5. Set a Name for the new Collection group.
  6. Set a Description if desired (optional).
  7. Save the Collection group.
  8. Select the new Collection group from under the Collection folder.
  9. Add devices as members to the group via the Items tab.
    1. Select the Add Item Type or Add Rule to populate it with members
  10. After completing the membership additions select the Properties tab and Save the changes.

Additional Information

  • The Collections folder only shows custom Collection groups. Default ones are not editable and are not shown.
  • If no custom Collections have been created, the Collection folder will appear empty when selecting it to create the first one.
  • Only Devices are recognized as members of Collections for purposes of applying devices to Monitoring Profiles.