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Unable to create floor alert for utilization without significant false positives


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


Static Alerting failed because business hours are not considered and Floor alerting (Utilization too low) created False positives. 
I opened a ticket with CA Broadcom and they suggested using baseline utilization.  I converted to baseline utilization and the 1st test at 35% below baseline failed with 75 false positive alerts.  I changed this to 85% below baseline and this failed with approximately 45 false positives.   
What settings are required to create an alert for low utilization that will NOT create false positives at night when utilization goes to zero?


Release : 19.3

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


In this case where the utilization goes to near 0 overnight there is no current way to stop the false positives as the deviation is to extreme. The only solution is to turn the alerting off overnight and re enable in the morning. 

Here is how Enable/Disable Event Profiles.

Add these commands to cron for the time you want to stop and restart alerting.  

To disable:
curl -v -X PUT -H "Content-Type: application/xml" http://localhost:8581/rest/eventprofiles/11082 --data 'false'

to enable:
curl -v -X PUT -H "Content-Type: application/xml" http://localhost:8581/rest/eventprofiles/11082 --data 'true'