Flowdock - Manual export of flow data and conversations by users vs. Flowdock Enterprise export.


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CA Flowdock


Can users export Flowdock data in a non-enterprise organization?


Release : 1.0

Component : CA FLOWDOCK


The organization does not need to be an Enterprise organization.  Users can log into Flowdock and access their account, then click on the Export option.  They will ONLY be provided the option to export Flows in which they are members.  The export is historical, includes a JSON formatted file, images and a CSV file of messages.

This is a manual process only, there is no daily automation of the process.

Additional Information

User initiated exports are characterized as follows:

- any user of the organization can export flows in which they are members, including 1 on 1 flows
- the export includes a csv file of the entire flow history
- the export includes a JSON formatted file of the flow data
- the export includes images imbedded in the flows
- the export is a manual process only
- the user will receive an email with a link to download the export

The Enterprise export would be initiated by setting up a public/private security key by the Flowdock organization owner. This help page explains the process (https://www.flowdock.com/help/enterprise_export). 
Enterprise exports are characterized as follows;

- require that the organization be licensed as Enterprise with a $9 per seat fee vs. $3 for a standard seat license of a non-enterprise organization
- the export does include all community flows as well as 1 on 1 flows in the organization
- the export is for daily only data for the prior 24 hours
- the owner or admin of the organization receives automated daily emails with a link to the download