Missing audits from logs
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Missing audits from logs


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CA API Gateway


When using a global policy - message received and message completed. where  I added audit detail message with time.
exported those policies with gmu and imported on another server, and audit log entry for  "message received"  is missing.

Time received: ${gateway.time.iso8601}


Time completed: ${gateway.time.iso8601}

I only see the Time completed message in the audit log , which is linked to the global police message completed.


Release : 9.x
Component : API GTW 


This is working as expected when using a Global Policy .

If you look in the doc for global policy it says the following :


See Limitations to Global Policies

message-received: A policy of this type will run when a message is received, but before the service is resolved.
This policy is run-ed before the service is resolved so the service /policy/folder name is unknown and filtering on the service name will not work as it is not linked to the service name yet.
If you remove the audit filter which is filtering on the service name it works as expected .