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EDC5133I No space left on device.


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File Master Plus for IMS File Master Plus for DB2 for z/OS File Master Plus


EDC5133I No space left on device.
error when trying to update the product catalog in CA CSM (Chorus Software Manager).

PAS Exception thrown within GetProdRelCommand       
Could not load a web page.
Please validate TCP/IP configuration for this CA CSM server
Error while accessing the following URL:
EDC5133I No space left on device.


Release : 11.0



In order to resolve the problem, check all the CA CSM output.
There should be a log file at the beginning, called "Temporary Directory Creation > createDirectory_log".
It should contain a line like:
Successfully created PAS temporary download directory /lpar/u/users/msmpt/PT60/mpm/tmproot/MSM.1234567890.scratchpad/task123456
which is on your LPAR or SYSPLEX.
In this example (see error messages above) the DVD0000000000721.pax.Z file is about 271 MB in size.
Check that there is sufficient space available on that device as follows, for example.
On the right LPAR, go to ISPF 3.17, enter the first part of the path you see in the "createDirectory_log" and type "fs" in front of the path. For example:

Pathname . : /lpar/u/users/msmpt        
EUID . . . : 2235                       
Command  Filename        Message        
fs       PT60            Information    

This part of the screen is appropriate to check the available space:
Block size . . . . : 1024    
Total blocks . . . : 3816000 
Available blocks . : 3804343 
Blocks in use  . . : 11657   

It can be calculated as follows, using above example:
1 Block is 1024 Bytes * 3804343 = 3895647232 Bytes = 3895 MB available.
In the above example the "EDC5133I No space left on device." error will not occur - there is sufficient space available.
But of course there should be sufficient space for the pax file, some configuration files and for the unpax process.