Patches for Virtual Service Catalog (v10.5) to have the advanced new features enabled


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CA Cloud Test Mobile CA Application Test


We have implemented the VSC for the version 10.5. While configuring, we read out and understood that a separate patch is required to have the new features enabled for VSC. 

Please assist us in getting/implementing new latest VSC (with all features) patch.


Release : 10.5

Component : CA Service Virtualization


There are two patches that need to be applied to get the new features. Raise a support case to get those patches.

1. lisa-virtualize-invoke.war

This patch needs to be applied on machine where registry component is running with below steps.

a. Navigate to folder webserver\webapps
b. Stop DevTest services
c. Rename folder lisa-virtualize-invoke to lisa-virtualize-invoke_backup and move to a location outside the installation folder.
d. Copy attached lisa-virtualize-invoke.war to webserver\webapps
e. Rename/remove lisatmp_10.5.0 folder and then start DevTest services

2. bespin-service-1.6.0.jar

This patch needs to be applied on the machine where vscatalog component is running with below steps.

- Stop vscatalog service
- Take backup of existing bespin-service-1.6.0.jar from /lib/ and move to a location outside of installation folder.
- Place the provided bespin-service-1.6.0.jar.
- Start vscatalog service.

After making above two changes, you should be able to see the new features mentioned in the documentation.