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Unable to find below parameters on exchange_monitor probe


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Unable to find below parameters on exchange_monitor probe of 5.32 version but these alert metrics are available on site.

Please suggest.


Alarm Metric Monitoring Profiles Type Error Threshold Error Severity Description
Connection Queue Length Performance ---- Major This counter takes the MTA Work Queue Length counter to a lower level and breaks it out into all the different work queues within the MTA. If a large queue is building in the MTA this will pinpoint the exact connection that is responsible.Informational for drill down. One instance of this profile will monitor each Message Transfer Agent Connection.
Local Queue Length Performance 4 Major Number of messages in the local SMTP queue.
Messages Queued For Delivery Performance ---- Major Number of messages currently queued in one or more queues.
Work Queue Length Performance 2 Major This is the most important counter because it gives the total of all queues. This single counter can tell an administrator at a glance the overall MTA health. This is the queue length for the whole of the MTA. It covers both inbound and outbound messages for the Information Store, the Directory and any connectors that route through the MTA. If this counter is above zero for a sustained amount of time it may indicate a communications problem with one of the Exchange components, a connector or a remote Exchange MTA.


Release : 9.0.2



From .cfg and code we are suspecting the issue at <register> <servers> 2016 path is missing as shown below,


We need to try and check server addition with below steps trough IM configuration:  

CTRL+Right-click (exchange_monitor)    >     Raw Configure > Edit Configuration File   > Create 2016 folder in (register->servers) >