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Node added to ignored nodes in graphical XML side-by-side comparison assertion disappears after saving


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CA Cloud Test Mobile CA Application Test


Issue Description: 


When a node is added to the Ignored Nodes in the Graphical XML Side-by-Side Comparison assertion step and If we move to a different step and come back to the Comparison step, the added node disappears. Even if save button is hit after this change, the same behavior is happening.


Have a test case where we have a Graphical XML Side-by-Side Comparison assertion.

Add XPath expressions to the Ignored Node.

Save. Close Dock and go back to the Ignored Nodes tab the expressions have disappeared.

Also, if you had an expression there delete them, close the dock and when you come back they have reappeared.




Release : 10.5

Component : CA Service Virtualization


We have a fix for this issue.

File patch_DE451408_10.5.0_GA.jar has been uploaded to this case in File Attachments under the files_from_broadcom folder.

Steps to apply this patch.

1. This patch gets applied to both the Registry and the Workstation.
2. Stop Registry and Workstation.
3. Place patch in folder DEVTEST_HOME\lib\patches folder, if a patches folder does not exist, create one.
4. Start Registry and Workstation.
5. Re-test this issue.
6. Let me know is this patch resolves your issue.

Additional Information

As per the developer, the code is written in that way when we try to add the child nodes. Two entries would be added. On top of the code there is a comment written 

//Leaf nodes would be added twice

However, she did not find a proper explanation to it as to why they have coded it in that way... No documentation no explanation. 

It is working as per functionality.