CA View - Creating a Second CA DRAS Task
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CA View - Creating a Second CA DRAS Task


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The client would like to set up another CA DRAS task, for testing Web Viewer 12.1.


Release : 12.2

Component : CA View


As the client was running CA View/DRAS 12.2 and CA WebViewer 12.1, there can be multiple CA DRAS tasks running in the same LPAR or sysplex.

Each DRAS task is identified, not only in the task name, but in the "//CAHFDCFG DD ..." (configuration file) statements.

The identifier, in the configuration file, is the "SET SERVER ID(xxxxxxxx)" statement.

As long as the ID set in the parentheses is unique from the ID in other tasks, you there can be a separate entity, to enable multiple occurrences.