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Provisioning is changing SIP address in skype accounts unexpectedly


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CA Identity Manager


Active Directory account template is configured to use User's email address for Skype - however when account is synchronized for users, it is being updated with SIP URI info. What is causing this and how do we correct this misconfiguration?


IM 14.x


The account template used to be configured with SIP URI previously. Even though the SIP URI option is no longer in use, the value stored in the SIP URI option is still taken into account during synchronization.


Till this behavior is addressed on the product level, the attribute which holds the SIP URI details 'eTADSlyncSIPAddress' has to be deleted from the account template itself.
- Using an LDAP Browser, connect to the Provisioning Directory over port 20391 (do not use port 20389 for Provisioning Server as change is not possible that way)
- User DN should be eTDSAContainerName=DSAs,eTNamespaceName=CommonObjects,dc=im,dc=etadb with the suitable connector password. 
  Base DN should be dc=im,dc=etadb
- Navigate to the relevant Account Template and delete 'eTADSlyncSIPAddress'