SYSVIEW: The difference between CPU%LPAR and CPU%
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SYSVIEW: The difference between CPU%LPAR and CPU%


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


What is the difference between CPU%LPAR and CPU% variables? 


SYSVIEW 15.0 & 16.0 - z/OS supported releases -  



The SYSVIEW documentation regarding the variables is the same as the IBM documentation because basically, that is where the information comes from. 

The difference between the two variables is that one is for the physical CPU
and the other for the logical CPU. 
In other words, one (CPU%) is a software value which is gotten from software control blocks, and the other (CPU%LPAR), is a hardware value,
gotten from  the DIAGNOSE command.

So for instance, if there is a box which has 2 CPs, and there is an Lpar using 1.5 CPs, the hardware states that only 3/4 (or 75%), is being used,
while the software states that 100% is being used.

When looking at CPU%LPAR, this figure will always be the same as, or lower then CPU%.