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Service Management - NAS drive connectivity concerns


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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager CA Service Catalog


Attempting to configure SC 17.2 to connect to a NAS (Network Access Server or Network Attached Storage) drive where the filestore folder was relocated.  After making the change, SC won't startup. 

When using the default service startup of Local System account, SC can startup but complains about not being able to access the filestore:

2020/01/01 WARN  [DynamicVersionDirectoryWatcher] [WebCacheVersionHandler] Some problem with the path and setting the cache key.

java.nio.file.AccessDeniedException: \\NAS-SERVER1\CAServiceDeskManager\ServiceCatalog\PROD\filestore\custom\explorer\scripts

2020/01/01 INFO  [localhost-startStop-1] [WPFServlet] Initialized the WPF runtime system successfully.

2020/01/01 WARN  [localhost-startStop-1] [FolderAsset] Asset folder not found at:\\NAS-SERVER1\CAServiceDeskManager\ServiceCatalog\PROD\filestore\\documents

2020/01/01 ERROR [localhost-startStop-1] [FolderAsset] Could not create an asset folder, deleting mismatched folder asset object:assetRoot

2020/01/01 ERROR [localhost-startStop-1] [FolderAsset] Can not delete Root FolderAsset.

2020/01/01 ERROR [localhost-startStop-1] [FolderAsset] Error occured Asset.getRoot(), query:asset_parent_id = asset_id and (object_type is null or object_type <= 0)

java.lang.Exception: Can not delete Root FolderAsset.

SQL query shows the filestore is configured to the NAS drive:

use mdb;

select * from usm_configuration where name='documentroot'

\-> \\NAS-SERVER1\CAServiceDeskManager\ServiceCatalog\PROD\filestore

A connectivity test from the filestore configuration screen returns error of check your configuration.


Release : 17.2



To address, one must configure the SC Service to utilise a userid that has access privilege to access the NAS Drive and also has Admin rights over the SC Server.  In this case, we will use a hypothetical user "NASAdmin", who has both rights to access the NAS Drive and also has Admin rights over the SC Server.

Update the SC 17x filestore to point to the NAS drive.  Login to the SC 17x server with an account that can access the NAS drive and also has Admin rights over the SC Server, user "NASAdmin".  Set the Service Catalog service to run as the "NASAdmin" user, then recycle the Service Catalog service.  Test to see if SC works and attachments work (which they should)

Once this is done, you should be able to reboot the SC 17x server, then login to the SC 17x server as any user who has admin rights, besids the designated user who has both SC Server Admin rights and rights to access the NAS Drive, user "NASAdmin".  The Service Catalog service should still be running as the "NASAdmin" user. 

SC 17x NAS filestore should then be working without issue.

Additional Information

A similar solution may be applicable for Service Desk based installations as well if attachments are configured to store to a NAS based location.