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OpenAPI returns database error in CA Performance Management


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I made a change to one of our custom Metric Families (MF) yesterday.  On that MF I used the REST API to enable Min and Max on 2 metrics.

After I did that I could no longer run a Device odata query with expand metrics on the MF.  This was working previously to my change.  Now I just get a database error.



Release : 3.7.5

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


Defect: DE448656


This has been corrected in CA Performance Management 3.7.10.

Symptom: OpenAPI could throw a DB error when querying metric family entity if the corresponding metric family  has been modified in CAPC , for example updating Max, percentile, etc.
Resolution: with the fix OpenAPI should truck all changes in the DB schema and return requested metric family data without error.
(3.7.10, DE448656, 20312928, 31812895)

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3.7.10 Fixed Issues list