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Linux Agent is running but can't launch a job 'getpwnam error code '1 - Operation not permitted'


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We installed a new agent on our Linux server. The Linux agent12.3 is correctly running but we have an error when we want to launch the job.

The agent is started by the service manager using the login jde910.

This a screenshot of the error.




The  getpwnam is a system call to get information about user with a given name.

getpwnam(jde910)' hence it is trying to get the information about the user jde910.

The agent was running as the user jde910  and hence did not have the necessary permission


Release : 12.3



The agent needs to be started as the root user. The other workaround is to make root the owner of the file and then use SETUID so that it always runs with root privileges.

 Please follow the instructions below.

  • chown root ucxjlx6
  • chgrp admin ucxjlx6
  • chmod 4550

For more details refer to the following documentation.

Installing the Agent for UNIX