Start or Stop Statistics Gathering (STATG) activated by default
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Start or Stop Statistics Gathering (STATG) activated by default


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Top Secret


What are the benefits of having the STATG control option enabled by default?




This an enhancement to CA Top Secret 16.0 by applied SO08182. 

The STATG control option is now enabled by default, allowing the product to gather system statistics. This process helps ensure that statistics are available for reporting, troubleshooting, or identifying potential security issues. 

Also, this enhancement also allows for writing CHORUSSTATG records when CA Chorus Time Series is not active by setting control option CHORUSTSFDB to 4.

Additional Information

After applied SO08182, the current STATG status defaults to STATG(ON) when issue TSS MODIFY STATUS(STATG). And the stats are written to the SMF 231 record periodically for reporting with TSSRPTSG program.

How to use TSSRPTSG Statistics Report;