Modeling Gateway hangs


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We have some scripts that works with modeling gateway that worked fine on version 10.4.0 but now are failing on that we installed a few weeks ago.

Some times modeling gateway works, some other scripts will hang. 

Below is the command line used to execute the modeling gateway script.  

./modelinggateway -vnm localhost -user spectrum -i modeling_gateway_devices1.xml --debug salida_debug_1out





Another discover connection was scheduled to run at the same time the modeling gateway script is running.  DX Spectrum will only allow one discover connection at a time. 


Release : 10.4.1

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


Spectrum runs discoveries for a number of reasons. Manual discoveries, scheduled AutoDiscoveries, discoveries after a model has been reconfigured, and Virtual Host discoveries etc.

Spectrum only allows one discovery to run at a time. 

You can try doing the following before running the import:

1. Log into the OneClick console as an ADMIN user

2. Find and select the VNM model

3. Click on the Information tab

4. Find and expand the AutoDiscovery subview

5. Click on the "Abort Discovery" button.

Keep in mind, another discovery could be in the queue and immediately start running after clicking this button.