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Claritiy PPM: Project Attributes Included in the DWH Cannot be Found in Jaspersoft Adhoc


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Clarity PPM SaaS


The following example attribute(s) which are included in the data warehouse (DWH):
Project > Cost Type


All Clarity Versions


If the attribute is part of the PMO Accelerator, then it will appear in the Custom section


Resolution 1

Run the job: Restore Domains. After completion, check the domain and it should then appear.

Resolution 2

In order for the attribute to be available in the Project domain, the PMO Accelerator object/views must be installed and applied.

Check if PMO Accelerator has been installed in Administration > Studio > Content Add-ins

Once PMO Accelerator is installed via command line: admin content csk, the status will be updated from 'Upgrade Pending' to 'Upgrade Ready'

NOTE: Applying PMO Accelerator > Items > Types is the responsibility of the Clarity Administrator.
Once the type is applied, it cannot be removed and can overwrite a user views.
Any change needs to be performed in a lower environment and tested before it is applied to a production environment.

Additional Information

For more information on PMO Accelerator, please refer to:

The stock reports that use 'Project Type' are listed in: