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Change The Top Secret Password Expiration Interval Without Extending The Current Password Expiration Date?


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Top Secret Top Secret - LDAP


When extending an ACID's password expiration interval to a higher value (90 to 180), is there a way to preserve the current expiration date and have the new interval effective on next password reset after that date? TSS REP(ACID) PASS(*,180) immediately extends the expiration date 180 days which, if implemented for a large number of ACIDs, will set them to expire all on the same day 6 months from now.


Release : 16.0

Component : CA Top Secret for z/OS


The password expiration date cannot be changed directly. It is changed when an administrator changes the password expiration interval or adds/replaces a new password and expires it at first logon. Some sites that have changed their interval in the past have staggered the days the batch jobs for the TSS REPL(acid) PASS(*,nnn) commands that are issued so every acid’s password won’t expire on the same day in ‘nnn’ days.