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Clarity PPM: Decimal number displays differently in database result vs UI value


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When XOG or number grid entry in the UI is saved, upon querying the database tables, the number is a decimal that is slightly smaller than the number presented in the UI.

For instance, the DWH_FIN_PLAN_PERIOD_FACTS table returns the following values for planned_cost

In the UI, the cost plan planned cost shows as 2200, while the query result shows 2199.99999.


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This is by design. In the example above, the Oracle data type NUMBER is denoted with a precision and scale
precision is the total number of digits in a number.
scale is the number of digits to the right of the decimal.

In the above example, 2199.99999 or 177.760014 
the precision is 9 
the scale is 5 and 6, respectively.

In the UI, it is represented as the number rounded up to 2200 and 178, respectively.

Furthermore, the number of spaces to the right of the decimal can be set in Clarity, e.g.
Project > Financial Plan > Detail tab >  Configure > List Column Section > Fields > field > Property Icon > 

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