SDM: Unable to upload or download attachments despite Tomcat working
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SDM: Unable to upload or download attachments despite Tomcat working


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Users are unable to upload or download attachments.  Tomcat is working fine.  Tomcat was cycled by using pdm_tomcat_nxd -c STOP/START to no avail.

During interactions with the attachments and document repository, may also see a message such as this:

AHD04508:Time-out in Trigger doc_rep_post_validate


Release : 17.1



Examination of stdlog logging may reveal:

01/01 01:01:59.04 SERVER1 slump_nxd            5124 SIGNIFICANT  socket_port.c         1956 Unable to write to (rep_daemon:SERVER1) for 2 seconds. Total errors (1). Last RC(10035): Unknown error

01/01 01:02:18.54 SERVER1 slump_nxd            5124 SIGNIFICANT  socket_port.c         1468 Successful write to (rep_daemon:SERVER1) occurred. Error cleared after 21 seconds.

This message in particular may also present frequently as well

01/01 01:04:04.56 SERVER1 rep_daemon           7432 ERROR        ArchivePurge.c         222 Archive error - unable to find the file //Server1/files/rep_folder_01391/0C14F9053F558648AFC908D7BCF3F605_file1.xls.gz (No such file or directory (2))

The above indicates that there is a long running archive/purge process that is running into problems trying to archive/purge attachments and is interfering with the rep_daemon process from running attachments.


One may consider the following:

- Tweak the existing archive/rule process to run at a modified rate.  Apply toward fewer records, during low times of production, etc.

- Adjust the given rules to exclude the attachments themselves.

One may also wish to examine if any admins were modifying the attachments folders, directly removing content from the given directories without Service Desk's knowledge.