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Slow loading of login page using Access Gateway.


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Customer is experiencing slow loading of login page. 
They are using Access Gateway:

[03/16/2020][14:48:12][15696][139680589010688][Sending request to backend = <BACKENDURL> url = http://<BACKENDURL>/<PATH>/<TO>/<FILE>.jsp][1cfa860c-0c2e3616-3be269a1-09f162d1-193cc0b7-5c9][execute] 
[03/16/2020][14:48:12][15696][139680589010688][Get connection: {}->http://<BACKENDURL>:80, timeout = 180000][1cfa860c-0c2e3616-3be269a1-09f162d1-193cc0b7-5c9][requestConnection(): ]
[03/16/2020][14:48:29][15696][139680589010688][Response status code from backend webserver is 302][1cfa860c-0c2e3616-3be269a1-09f162d1-193cc0b7-5c9][execute] 
[03/16/2020][14:48:29][15696][139680589010688][Received redirect status code = 302][1cfa860c-0c2e3616-3be269a1-09f162d1-193cc0b7-5c9][Noodle::doGet]


Customer's backend was timing out when Access Gateway was trying to connect to it. Customer restarted docker containers and all good.