Using custom investments in the new UX
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Using custom investments in the new UX


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Can you create custom investments for use in the Modern / New User Experience (UX)?


Release : 15.5.1 and higher



This feature is available in the new UX, it was released as GA starting in 15.5.1 (Originally as a beta version but in starting in 15.5.1, it is no longer Beta).
  1. Users will need the access right: Custom Investment - Navigate to see the Custom Investments menu link in the New UX:
  2. The menu option in the new UX is named "Investments"
  3. The icon appears as:

    4. To create a new custom Investment:    
  • In Classic Clarity, go to Administration->Studio-Objects->New
  • In the Object Extension field at the bottom of the page, select Investment Extension
    • Note: An object created with an extension cannot be deleted

  • Enter all other required information and save
    5. Once you create your custom investments, users with the appropriate access will see the custom investments on the investment page.
    6. A Blueprint also gets created one you create a custom investment, so administrators can copy the custom investment blueprint to modify similar to the idea/project blueprints.
    7. For more detailed information including how to create a custom investment and a Custom Subobject for a Custom Investment Type, see: New User Experience: Configure Custom Investment Types