Upgrading AWI Tomcat Version
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Upgrading AWI Tomcat Version


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


This document describes the necessary procedures to upgrade Apache Tomcat release for the Automic workload interface


Release : 12.x



The infrastructures often required to upgrade Tomcat for AWI due to security concerns


Please note: Tomcat is not a Broadcom product.  For specific instructions or help in upgrading and for steps 1, 3, 5, and 7, please refer to Apache Tomcat documentation and support.

  1. Stop Apache Tomcat service
  2. Double check our compatibility matrix for version support (Example: 12.3.x supports Tomcat 9) - (12.2.x supports Tomcat 8)
  3. Download and extract the latest Automic compatible tomcat release from https://tomcat.apache.org/
  4. Make a backup to your old apache tomcat directory
  5. Install tomcat files into the same exact directory that you have
  6. From backup directory, copy awi.war to ...../apache-tomcat directory/webapps
  7. start Apache tomcat service
  8. after it is up
  9. copy the uc4config.xml from <old apache-tomcat directory>/webapps/awi/config
  10. copy configuration.properties from <old apache-tomcat directory>/webapps/awi/config
    • To the new location (same exact location)
  11. Recycle Tomcat
  12. Any problems you can just revert back to the old copied location.

Additional Information

Note:  used same exact location therefore would not have to update variables (CATALINA_HOME) and or the service that was created.

If you want to use a different location or naming than please follow our Out of the Box installation instructions: