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Upgrading AWI Tomcat Version


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


How do you upgrade Automic's Apache Tomcat release


Release : 12.x



  1. Stop Apache Tomcat service
  2. Double check our compatibility matrix for version support (Example: 12.3.x supports Tomcat 9) - (12.2.x supports Tomcat 8)
  3. Download and extract the latest version from
  4. Make a backup to your old apache tomcat directory
  5. Install tomcat files into the same exact directory that you have
  6. From backup directory, copy awi.war to ...../apache-tomcat directory/webapps
  7. start Apache tomcat service
  8. after it is up
  9. copy the uc4config.xml from <old apache-tomcat directory>/webapps/awi/config
  10. copy from <old apache-tomcat directory>/webapps/awi/config
    • To the new location (same exact location)
  11. Recycle Tomcat
  12. Any problems you can just revert back to the old copied location.

Additional Information

Note:  used same exact location therefore would not have to update variables (CATALINA_HOME) and or the service that was created.

If you want to use a different location or naming than please follow our Out of the Box installation instructions: