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Need to restart backend UIM database ( Best Practice restart order for UIM)


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We need to restart or patch the backend UIM database or database server. 
In doing so, what is the best practice?


Release : 8.51 or above



After rebooting/restarting the database, it is best practice to also do the following:
1. restart UIM Primary hub robot, then wait for it to come up
2. restart CABI robot, wait for it to come up
3. restart UMP robot (Operator Console robot in 20.3 or higher)


Best Practice to reboot UIM servers:
All servers should be restarted one at a time and you should wait for them to come back online before moving to restart the next server.
There are many dependencies that will not be found if servers are all rebooted at the same time and come up out of order.

Order of restarts:
1) database
2) primary UIM
3) ha
4) cabi
5) ump (Operator Console main node in 20.3 or higher)
6) other ump server (Operator Console other nodes in 20.3 or higher)
7) SNMPCollector
8) other hubs 1 at a time. 
9) robots as needed. robots can be restarted in bulk as long as hub has been restarted and is available.