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No Memory utilization on Bluecoats SG400 & SG500 in CA Performance Management


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


We have a few Bluecoat devices for which we are not getting any memory utilization in PM.


Here is the Vendor Certification (VC) for Blue Coat Proxy Server Memory:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!--Auto-generated by the type catalog local manager.-->
<DataModel namespace="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="SNMPCertificationFacet.xsd">
    <FacetType name="BlueCoatProxyServerMemoryMib" descriptorClass="">
        <Documentation>Support for Blue Coat Proxy Server Memory.</Documentation>
        <FacetOf namespace="" name="Item" />
        <AttributeGroup name="BlueCoatProxyServerMemoryGroup" external="true" list="true">
            <Documentation />
            <Attribute name="Index" type="ObjectID">
                <Documentation />
            <Attribute name="deviceUsagePercent" type="Double">
                <Documentation />
            <Attribute name="deviceUsageName" type="OctetString">
                <Documentation />
        <DisplayName>Blue Coat Proxy Server Memory</DisplayName>
            <ExpressionGroup name="BlueCoatProxyServerMemoryDS" destCert="{}NormalizedMemoryInfo">
                <Filter>(deviceUsageName.toString().toLowerCase() contains "mem")</Filter>
                <Expression destAttr="Indexes">Index</Expression>
                <Expression destAttr="Names">"Blue-Coat-Proxy-Server-"+deviceUsageName</Expression>
                <Expression destAttr="Descriptions">"Blue-Coat-Proxy-Server-"+deviceUsageName</Expression>
                <Expression destAttr="Utilization">deviceUsagePercent</Expression>

THat can be found at the follwong url:


If you have a Fault Tolerant DA setup, use the proxy instead of the DA.

The Metric Family (MF) and VC are showing as supported because the isKey OID ( is returned by the device:

         <Attribute name="Index" type="ObjectID">
                <Documentation />
All isKey OIDs must be present for the VC to apply.

But later on there is a filter based on that looks for mem:

                <Filter>(deviceUsageName.toString().toLowerCase() contains "mem")</Filter>

To make sure that we are only creating the components for memory.

The devices are not showing anything that matches the filter:

SG500, Integer     , 20 <----- The isKey oid os present so the MF/VC show as supported, Integer     , 42, OctetString , CPU    <--- No memory entry, only CPU and Disk so nothing passes the filter, OctetString , Disk

SG400:, Integer     , 23    <----- The isKey oid os present so the MF/VC show as supported, Integer     , 12, OctetString , CPU   <--- No memory entry, only CPU an disk, so nothing passes the filter, OctetString , Disk

So as there is no entry for Memory on these devices in the MIB, no Memory components are created.


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


Consult the device vendor on why the OIDs are not present.