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No Memory utilization on Bluecoats SG400 & SG500 in CA Performance Management


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


We have a few Bluecoat devices for which we are not getting any memory utilization in PM.




Here is the Vendor Certification (VC) for Blue Coat Proxy Server Memory:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!--Auto-generated by the type catalog local manager.-->
<DataModel namespace="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="SNMPCertificationFacet.xsd">
    <FacetType name="BlueCoatProxyServerMemoryMib" descriptorClass="">
        <Documentation>Support for Blue Coat Proxy Server Memory.</Documentation>
        <FacetOf namespace="" name="Item" />
        <AttributeGroup name="BlueCoatProxyServerMemoryGroup" external="true" list="true">
            <Documentation />
            <Attribute name="Index" type="ObjectID">
                <Documentation />
            <Attribute name="deviceUsagePercent" type="Double">
                <Documentation />
            <Attribute name="deviceUsageName" type="OctetString">
                <Documentation />
        <DisplayName>Blue Coat Proxy Server Memory</DisplayName>
            <ExpressionGroup name="BlueCoatProxyServerMemoryDS" destCert="{}NormalizedMemoryInfo">
                <Filter>(deviceUsageName.toString().toLowerCase() contains "mem")</Filter>
                <Expression destAttr="Indexes">Index</Expression>
                <Expression destAttr="Names">"Blue-Coat-Proxy-Server-"+deviceUsageName</Expression>
                <Expression destAttr="Descriptions">"Blue-Coat-Proxy-Server-"+deviceUsageName</Expression>
                <Expression destAttr="Utilization">deviceUsagePercent</Expression>

THat can be found at the follwong url:


If you have a Fault Tolerant DA setup, use the proxy instead of the DA.

The Metric Family (MF) and VC are showing as supported because the isKey OID ( is returned by the device:

         <Attribute name="Index" type="ObjectID">
                <Documentation />
All isKey OIDs must be present for the VC to apply.

But later on there is a filter based on that looks for mem:

                <Filter>(deviceUsageName.toString().toLowerCase() contains "mem")</Filter>

To make sure that we are only creating the components for memory.

The devices are not showing anything that matches the filter:

SG500, Integer     , 20 <----- The isKey oid os present so the MF/VC show as supported, Integer     , 42, OctetString , CPU    <--- No memory entry, only CPU and Disk so nothing passes the filter, OctetString , Disk

SG400:, Integer     , 23    <----- The isKey oid os present so the MF/VC show as supported, Integer     , 12, OctetString , CPU   <--- No memory entry, only CPU an disk, so nothing passes the filter, OctetString , Disk

So as there is no entry for Memory on these devices in the MIB, no Memory components are created.


Release : 3.7

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


Consult the device vendor on why the OIDs are not present.