AWI: Activating automatic refresh in workflow monitor
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AWI: Activating automatic refresh in workflow monitor


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


The workflow monitor does not update itself automatically by default.

Whereas, in the Process Monitoring main screen there is an automatic update each 90 seconds (default) with a countdown, in the Workflow Monitoring for a specific workflow this is not the case.

Even if the user setting is displayed as "Default (90 seconds)" the Workflow Monitoring is behaving like the setting was "Manual".


Release : 12.3

Component : AWI


This is an issue with the way user settings are saved.



The default setting is found in the top right corner of the AWI screen, click on USER/DEPARTMENT > Settings > Process Monitoring.

The user settings have to be 'initialize' by making a modification.

For instance: set the Process Monitoring Refresh Interval to 91 seconds, save, set back to Default (90 seconds), the setting is stored in the DB and it becomes persistent.
Note that even making a modification in another setting will store the 90 second default to the user settings.

Once there is a persistent setting, the count down timer is displayed, except of course when Manual was selected.


A solution will be available in a next major release of Automic