Can an Image Copy run concurrently with an ADRDSSU backup?
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Can an Image Copy run concurrently with an ADRDSSU backup?


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Database Copier for IMS for z/OS


We are running an Image Copy of multiple databases in a single job with the following syntax:


At the same time we wish to run an ADRDSSU backup of the same databases in another job.

We want to save time running these jobs concurrently since they are run when the databases are stopped in IMS.

Can we run this Image Copy concurrently with the ADRDSSU backup ?


With the database in non-update mode, for a true batch image copy, Database Copier can run concurrently with other read-only users. Database Copier respects the SHR parameter, however it is our experience that ADRDSSU requires EXCL access and therefore cannot run concurrently with Database Copier.

Below are the resource messages issued when this is attempted:

MIM1038I BACKUP JOB15775 A=0249 T=7FE818 CONTENTION WITH COPY001 A=0445 T=7FE818 OWNS SHR ON lpar

MIM1039I BACKUP JOB15775 A=0249 T=7FE818 NEEDS EXCL SYSDSN datasetname

One recommendation for performance improvement for these batch image copy jobs is to consider performing asynchronous image copies. This will take advantage of creating backups in parallel in the same job step.

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