UIMAPI not reliable. API calls succeed then fail with 500 error.
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UIMAPI not reliable. API calls succeed then fail with 500 error.


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


On some requests, uimapi works, then fails, then works, then fails again when using the same REST call/request. The failures show-> Error 500 - The session was closed by the remote host. This happens for some servers and probes but not all.

Same results when the URL is provided to a browser, like this one:

Also, same results when using the UIM REST API:


Release : 9.1.0

Component : uimapi

UIM v9.02 or higher


- Unknown, most likely a network routing/filtering or Load Balancing issue


1. Set the wasp.log on the Primary hub to loglevel 5 and logsize 20000.

2. Deploy the uimapi package to the Primary hub.

3. Access the uimapi


Doc reference:

4. Configure/click on the api call you'd like to test

5. Use "Try it out" button and examine the resultant status code

6. If there are any issues, use your browsers development tools, e.g., F12 (Network) to examine the response/response codes, and check the wasp.log on the Primary as well. You may also choose to check the traffic using a wireshark trace.

In this case, the uimapi response was fine but in the customer's network, it appears that either there is some network/filtering issue or traffic is going through a Loadbalancer and thus the uimapi fails/succeeds on each successive api call. This was NOT reproducible in the lab.

Moreover, when tested on the customer's 'Test' systems, it could not be reproduced.