QUESTION - Job Run Numbers
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QUESTION - Job Run Numbers


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CA Workload Automation AE - Scheduler (AutoSys) CA Workload Automation AE


If a job is within a box, and the job itself is rerun, it will use the same runNumber?

If the box is rerun, there will be a new runNumber?

And if there is a job that’s not inside a box, it will have a new runNumber for each run?

Is this correct?

Do you know how finite the number of job runIDs is?

Currently, the runNumbers seem to be 8-digit numbers, does it iterate through all so it would have 100K unique runNumbers, or does it only use a subset of those numbers?



Release : 11.3.6

Component : CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys)


Per the documentation:
CA Workload Automation AE uses run numbers for jobs. The run number is a unique integer that is associated with every run of a job.
Consecutive run numbers are assigned every time a top-level job starts. A top-level job is a job that is not contained in a box, and every job inherits these run numbers in a box. This means that all jobs in a top-level box have the same run number as the number used for the run of the box. This design permits runs of nested jobs to be associated together in the same run.
If a job restarts, the run number remains the same and the ntrys field is incremented. In the standard reports (autorep command), these two values are displayed in the run column as run_num/ntry.
The run_num/ntry value is defined in the run-time environment for the job, and is accessible to shell scripts or executables run as the command of the job. This value is contained in the variable $AUTORUN.
CA Workload Automation AE also maintains a value for each job name, which is defined in the runtime environment for the job.
As with $AUTORUN, this value is accessible to shell scripts or executables run as the UNIX command of the job. The value is contained in the variable $AUTO_JOB_NAME.
On Windows, the environment variables are %AUTORUN% and %AUTO_JOB_NAME%.

The run_num is an integer and can reach as high as 2^31 = 2147483647.
After it reaches that value, it will reset to a value of 1.