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How to delete bulk users from service catalog using attachment


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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager CA Service Catalog


Is there any way to delete multiple users within the service catalog using the the 'attachment' option? We use the file attachment method for bulk creating devices etc but just not sure on the CSV format for bulk delete


Release : 17.2

Component : CA Service Management


This feature is not introduced and omitted deliberately to stop undesired results on a deletion of users specific to Service Management.

Since the users are defined with a common table for Service Management (SDM/Catalog) i.e. ca_contact. Hence the users cannot be deleted from the user table.

However, you can always make them inactive to get the best results as delete will present greater problem due to the complexity around the design and architecture

Note: The ca_contact table is shared table between Service Desk (SDM) and Catalog

Additional Information

Warning: Do not change the user ID of a user. Do not reuse deleted user IDs, because all deleted users are maintained as inactive in the user database.