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CA Directory: 'set unique-attrs ' command doesn't work as expected


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CA Directory


The "set unique-attrs" command defines the uniqueness of attribute values in CA Directory.

Below is the doc that explains the command:

However, if the same attribute is set to have unique values in more than one subtree, only the latest definition works.
For instance the following command is used:

set unique-attrs = cn subtree = <ou ud><ou dev><ou people><ou login>, cn subtree = <ou ud><ou dev><ou device><ou login>;

As a result uniqueness is enforced only in <ou ud><ou dev><ou device><ou login> subtree.


Release : 12.6, 14.0, 14.1

Component : CA Directory


The fix (defect DE442862) will be included in CA Directory 14.1 SP1.
A testfix for Linux based CA Directory 14.1 GA is available now.