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Where can I find the Symdump System release 9.1 PTFS - fixes on the broadcom support website?


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SymDump for CICS


The client is looking to see what the latest fixes-PTFS are for product  SymDump System release 9.1 on the broadcom support web site.




Please sign on the Broadcom support web site.

On this web page is SIX boxes. Please left click on the upper left hand corner box labeled Mainframe Software.

You will then be on Mainframe Software Support web page

On this web page click on the Middle TOP box labeled Product Downloads and you will be on the Download Management web page

In the Search Your Product BOX enter SYMDUMP and select SYMDUMP 

On this web page left click on SOLUTION DOWNLOAD and SOLUTION DOWNLOAD gets underlined.

There are three types of Symdump products. Symdump CICS, Symdump Batch and Symdump System. At the bottom of the screen you should see

CA SymDump System MVS

Left click on  9.1 in the release column and you are returned about 650 fixes but for several different components. You want to filter by the component to cut down on the number of fixes.

Enter  CA SymDump System  for the component name and click SEARCH

A list of Symdump System release 9.1 fixes will be displayed.