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CA DB2 Tools Bind job during install fails with Unable to read parmlib member SETUP00


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CA DB2 Tools Bind job(SSID002) during the install process failed with the following message:

*** ERROR                                                                       

 **** INSRSET rc= 15                                                              

 **** Unable to read parmlib member SETUP00        


Release : 20.0

Component : DB2 Common Components


There were a number of occurences of QMFDB and QMFTS keywords in In the CDBAPARM(SETUP00) member.  These keywords are obsolete (eliminated since 2005). With the introduction of  PTFs(SO09858 to SO09867), these keywords are now flagged as unrecognized keywords.

This would suggest that the SETUP member was edited manually outside  he post install panels which is not a recommended process.

This did work without the fix applied because the previous code was ignoring any unrecognized keywords present in the SETUP.

Here are the recommendations to resolve this problem:
1- Create a copy of the SETUP00 member as a back up.
2-Enter the post install panels and enter the SETUP member edit session via panels.
It will be presented with INSMain panel
3-From INSMAIN menu select these are options:
            1 - Setup,
            2 - Global, select SETUP, select the SETUP00 and you should be immediately presented with INSETW - setup                                warning screen. You should continue, save the member and the save will strip your setup member of these                                    unrecognized  keywords.