Sync Object Status "Still Active"
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Sync Object Status "Still Active"


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


After creating a "Sync" object, it will remain in "Still active" status (when clicking Monitoring/Executions on the object).
Even when the Sync object is not used at all.

Eventually, its Runid will change along with its Report,according to the variable CHANGE_LOGGING_DAYS defined in the UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS ( by default, every 14 days).


Release : 12.x

Component : Automation Engine


Not an issue.

This status means that this object is working and can be used in Jobs.


Normal behavior:

Sync objects are the only Real Time object the Automation Engine has.
There is NO activity for a SYNC object, you can not start it or stop it.
SYNC object has no instance like a Job, everything is on the Object definition level and therefore in Real Time.