Receiving maintenance for CSM fails with dynamic allocation using BPXWDYN rc: -32745
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Receiving maintenance for CSM fails with dynamic allocation using BPXWDYN rc: -32745


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Mainframe Software Manager (Chorus Software Manager) CHORUS SOFTWARE MANAGER


Attempts to receive maintenance for CSM (in particular RO91681) fails with:

Dynamic allocation using BPXWDYN failed. Command: ALLOC DD(SMPPTFIN) PATH('/software/msmserv/mpm/scroot/DatabaseM/CA/MAINTENANCE/CA_MIM_Resource_Sharing_-_MVS/12.1/0001/RO91681.BIN') FILEDATA(BINARY) msg(1) failed. RC: -32745.

An error has occurred while attempting to receive PTFs from Software Catalog.

A PTF exists in Software Catalog but the file with the PTF could not be found.

For assistance, contact Technical Support at



Release : 6.0

Component : CSM


The 'uss' file directory initially associated with the ptf in question was no longer there due to the product being 'hidden' ( in this case MIM).


In CSM, go to the Products tab and locate the product associated with the ptf in question (in this case it is CA Chorus Software Manager).  Left-click on the version (6.0), this will display all of the ptfs associated with product's version.  Find the ptf in question(RO91681), and on the right under the Actions pulldown select Delete.  After the ptf is successfully deleted go back under Products and version and left-click to select 'Add External Maintenance' .  Click Solution and enter the ptf that was just deleted (RO91681).  This process will correctly reload the ptf into the catalog along with building the correct uss path.  Do this process for all the problem ptfs.