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How to determine what metrics have been certified for a device in CA Performance Management


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


I need to monitor a specific metric on a device, how do I do that?


Dx NetOps Performance Management 3.7 , 20.x


If you look at the following page:

This lists certified devices/agents and the metric families/SNMP agent supported by CAPM version

This can be used to locate your device, see the metric families to place in a monitoring profile to apply to a collection containing the device, and what vendor certifications to apply to get those statistics.

If you don't see the device/agent/metrics you need you can:

1) Submit a certification request by providing the information below in a support ticket:

2) Self certify the metrics, this is where you take it upon your self to add the metric based on the documentation:

3) Commission services to do the certification as a fee-based service, contact your account team for additional information.