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Correcting date Format on "My Requests" screen from DD/MM/YYYY to MM/DD/YYYY


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CA Identity Manager CA Identity Governance CA Identity Portal CA Identity Suite


Dates are  displaying on My Requests module screen as MM/DD/YYYY is confusing to users who are expecting DD/MM/YYYY.

How can we change the format? I have tried using Localization to set default to en_AU but this hasn't changed the format.


Release : 14.3

Component : Identity Portal


Please login to IP Admin UI, select LOCALIZATION tab and click the top left "+" button and add en_AU local and select "Configure as default" box if necessary. And make sure click the [Save] button.

When the user at IP User Console Login page, please click the "EN" button at the bottom and make sure "English(Australia)" is selected and then the user can login.