Can a Data Collector and its devices be moved between Performance Management environments
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Can a Data Collector and its devices be moved between Performance Management environments


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Is there any way to take a Data Collector from one PM environment pending decommissioning, and move it, along with it's devices, to another PM environment?


All supported Performance Management releases


Need to migrate a Data Collector from an old environment being decommissioned, to another existing environment that will be maintained.


This allows easy reuse of a Data Collector in a new or different Performance Management environment without have to build a new server to host it.

NOTE: The Data Collector version MUST match the new Data Aggregator it will connect to. If an update is needed, perform the upgrade after stopping the Data Collector and editing the configuration file, but before starting it and connecting it to the new Data Aggregator.

When a Data Collector starts it will connect to the Data Aggregator configured in a few file locations. It will seek the details for the Tenant and IP Domain defined in one of the files and connect to the Data Aggregator.

It's unaware of what devices/items it'll monitor until it starts and communicates with the Data Aggregator. As a result it allows us to easily move a Data Collector from one environment to another.

NOTE: Please review the Additional Information below for what this will and won't do when moving a Data Collector.

If DNS is a problem in the network it might be best to use the IP address of the new Data Aggregator to ensure successful communication between systems.

  1. Stop the Data Collector to be moved.
  2. Open the (default path) /opt/IMDataCollector/apache-karaf-<version/etc/ file for editing.
    • Set the collector-manager-tenant-id to the correct Tenant Name the DC will be assigned to in the new environment.
      You can get the value from the PC/Portal 
      Adminsitration --> Group Settings --> Tenants

      Or you can run this Query: http://DA:8581/rest/tenants/
      search for: <Name>Default Tenant</Name>

    • Set the collector-manager-ip-domain-id to the correct IP Domain the DC will be assigned to in the new environment.
      You can get the value from the PC/Portal
      Administration --> Configuration Settings --> IP Domains

      Or you can run this query: http://DA:8581/rest/ipdomains/
      search for: <Name>Default Domain</Name>

    • Set the collector-manager-da-hostname to the Data Aggregator host name or IP Address the DC will communicate with in the new environment.
  3. Edit the (default path) /opt/DCM.cfg file.
    • Set the DA_HOST value to show the correct new DA host name or IP Address
    • If using Fault Tolerant Data Aggregators we'll see IS_DA_HA_CONFIGURED=yes. If that is present:
      • Ensure the DA_HOST is the currently Active DA host.
      • Ensure the DA_STANDBY_HOST is the currently Inactive DA host.
  4. Edit the networkConnector entries in the ActiveMQ services activemq.xml file on the Data Collector.
    • The active version of the activemq.xml file in use is found on the Data Collectors in the directory (default path):
      • /opt/IMDataCollector/broker/apache-activemq-<version>/conf.
    • The host specified in the networkConnector entries specify which host the Data Aggregator resides on for the Data Collector to communicate with.
      • Normally we'll see Host Name values for the Data Aggregator set instead of IP Address.
      • There are four of these entries, one for each of the following ports: 61616, 61618, 61620, and 61622.
    • Any entry in the file referencing the Data Aggregator by IP Address or Host Name will need to be manually updated to use the new Data Aggregtor IP Address or Host Name.
    • In a Fault-Tolerant Data Aggregator environment, both Data Aggregator hosts should be listed in each networkConnect entry. Ensure the correct IP Addresses are set for both.
    • The transportConnectors set to should remain unchanged. Do not edit this.
  5. Before restarting the Data Collector ensure:
    • The Tenant Name set in collector-manager-tenant-id is already created in Performance Center
    • The IP Domain Name set in collector-manager-ip-domain-id is already created in Performance Center
    • The Data Aggregator host name set in collector-manager-da-hostname is correct and routable between the DC and DA.
  6. Start the Data Collector

Once moved and connected to the new environment it will reside in, discovery of the devices can be run to begin gathering data again for those devices previously managed by the old system.

Additional Information

  • There is no way to migrate the data for the devices from the old environment to the new one.
  • There is no way to migrate the discovered devices from the old environment to the new one, they must be discovered as new devices.
  • The old environment can run with just the PC server as UI, and the DA and DR DB up for reporting purposes. This may help allowing for historical reporting on the devices from the old system while the data ages out and is replaced with new current polled data in the new existing environment they are moved to.