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Import successful but no objects are imported


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


When using the Import feature (IMPEXP Job) to Import objects, the Job is successful and finishes in a FINISHED status. The output file, however, shows that no objects are imported. An example shown below:

Import Success
Processing time 00:00:00
Updated 0 Objects
Added 0 Objects
Deleted 0 Objects
Last line number
0 Total Objects
0 printers
0 spoolers
0 dist lists
0 modules
0 schedules
0 sched exceptions
0 data_types
0 sub_vars
0 applications
0 agents
0 libraries
0 program_types
0 calendars
0 prompts
0 chain details
0 conditions
0 roles
0 role details
0 docs


This is likely an issue with the sqlldr command which should exist in the $ORACLE_HOME/bin directory.


Release : 9.1



Review the $ORACLE_HOME/bin directory to see if sqlldr exists. This particular behavior can be seen if sqlldr does exist BUT is corrupted and/or is a 0 byte file. To resolve this issue, fix sqlldr by either reinstalling Oracle or replacing the 0 byte sqlldr with the correct sqlldr executable.