How do On-Demand reports sort the View order in Performance Management
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How do On-Demand reports sort the View order in Performance Management


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How do the On-Demand Reports order the Views?

Have configured one with 14 directly added items. Set up for "Chart Per Item With Multiple Metrics".

Resulting report shows 14 charts as expected but what is used to determine the order they are presented in?

Can the order be controlled?


Release : 3.7

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


The On-Demand Reports use the metrics selected to determine their sort order for the Views.

It will take the first metric in the list per the Edit UI for the report. It will then use that to determine View order in a descending order based on high to low for metric values.

To control the order of the Views, the first metric in the list can be changed to ensure it's the one used.

Additional Information

Any other ability to control the sort order for this report would require submission of a new Enhancement Request via the Performance Management community Ideation options:

Select: Ideation 

Also, note there is a defect impacting this ordering (DE464964) that is currently targeted for DX Netops Performance Management 3.7.15/20.2.2

Note that this is subject to change and there are no release dates that can be provided at this time.

A possible workaround would be to use view IM Device Multiview instead and lock the view to the desired group if needed.