"PAM-UI-1702: No features are currently avail" connecting to CA PAM
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"PAM-UI-1702: No features are currently avail" connecting to CA PAM


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


Sometimes connecting to the a primary node cluster appliance results in a long time to open the GUI and finally a message "PAM-UI-1702: No features are currently avail" is displayed

Following this error it is not possible to access any of the CA PAM features

If the cluster is stopped, then the problem goes away. What is more, if one opens a session with the cluster off, and then the cluster is started, the connection is not lost and the message is not obtained in the existing connection, but any new connections to CA PAM will result in the error displayed


CA PAM 3.3.X


The message "No features available" may occur whenever there is a problem accessing a resource in the GUI. This may happen for instance due to problems with the internal REST Api, cache management, DNS problems etc. There are some other possible reasons for this error which we will not consider in the present document.


Check DNS resolution for the different cluster appliances. Make sure that the first DN server configured in the network properties of each appliance is able to resolve IP and names in a timely manner (use the Tools option in the Configuration section of the appliance)